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Hey there! Nov. 24th, 2005 @ 01:07 pm
I'm Sammie Shotzbarger from Red Mountain high school. The short curly haired one who had the duo with Shane Allen? Yup, that's me. I'm so excited people are posting!

I haven't competed much this year. I went to AJ but then I got casted in GFAA's "Little Shop of Horrors" but I'm returning to the competing world for Winter Trophy till the end of the season...and more then likley going to Harvard but maybe Berkley.

I competed last year alot on oratory, and DI. I've ALWAYS done a Duo. My Duo partner this year is Brittany Bradford. I've also done Poetry, Prose, Impromptu, PFD, Congress, and Duo Act

I went to UTNIF this summer. It was great.

This year I am currently competing with a DI, Poetry, I'm finishing up a Prose and I should have an Expos in a month or so. I'll be taking Congress and I'm lookin' for a PFD partner.

Yeah, that's me! I'm so excited to see you all again!

haha im such a poser :) Nov. 23rd, 2005 @ 04:57 pm
I'm Izzy and I'm from Central and I love my NEW ORANGE PILLOW (im over green)lol. I'm a sophmore so this is my 2nd year doing speech.

Last year, I did PROSE, HUMOR, PFD, CONGRESS. Didn't have much success last year (none) but it's all good cause I'm gonna get 1st in prose at Winter Trophy.

This year I'm currently doing PROSE, PFD, CONGRESS. I just got a humor and am planning on picking up a duo after Winter Trophy. I'm thinking about expos, but I'm not sure.

So ya...I don't really know what else to say but I love meeting new ppl so if you see me (the one w/ the smushy orange pillow!) then come and talk to me cause that would be pretty cool!!!



Jumping on the bandwagon. Nov. 22nd, 2005 @ 09:34 pm
I'm Tegan McRae...a Junior at Thunderbird High School and this is my third year doing speech.

I've been doing expos since my freshman year.

Freshman year topic-Puppets.

And I've performed my expos on Tetris twice this year but because Tetris is pretty boring I'll be doing a different expos at Winter Trophy.

Yep. Hope to see you all there.

Nov. 22nd, 2005 @ 07:42 pm

This is Mollie Doyle from those silly DV kids! been competing for about 3 years. This is my senior year so im lookin for some crazy shizzz. should be pretty fun.

Events i've done: bunches of stuff, Duo, Expos, Poe, DI, Prose, Storytelling!, Duo Act, PFD this year? HI this year? OO this year? nobody even knows..

our kids just got back from Glenbrooks, we had some really great success. Got some good out of state rep for AZ!! and it was way fun! Almost all of us were to at least a quarter, had a couple sems, sarah D. won oratory, and our policy kids, Mike and Steve, got their 2nd TOC bid so we're all pretty pumped about that! Just thought i'd update everyone!!

Im real glad this is starting back up again. I don't know nearly as many of you as I should!!

I'll see you all at Winter Trophy!!!!

i guess ill follow it too...hmmm Nov. 22nd, 2005 @ 05:55 am
hiya im amanda merkes and im a sophomore at central high school...
i compete in drama, congress, storytelling mainly so far this year..going to get around to pfd and a duo interp with the wonderful ellie! yes!..umm last year i did drama, duo, congress, storytelling, and yea im pretty much the same from last year haha...i also do mock trial which is pretty flipping sweet and yea thats about it!
Other entries
» only cuz i dont want to write a politics paper
Graduated Sunnyslope '05.
Now at UA. hate it.

Did EVERYTHING except Policy.
Broke to atleast sems in all them except impromptu which served only as a mechanism to make me feel really incompitent.

so when i judge you, you should read my comments, cuz i know how to win.

i had forgotten AZspeech existed, til this onslaught of posts.

i only posted this cuz i dont want to do work.....

this might be the only thing nerdier than doing speech in HS: posting in the online forum devoted to it AFTER you've graduated.
» (No Subject)
Yay, look at this trend!! This is happy!!

Btw I went to Central and did like every event and went to nationals in LD and Congress (finalist btw!)

Yeah I'm done

» i guess i'll do it too
i'm Stefan Jörgensen, a senior at dobson high school...

i guess i'll do what the others are doing and list what i've done/am doing?

i did duo acting soph year (horrible)
prose for two years (i think i'm done with it, broke to sems a lot, placed once... i guess you don't get too far on a piece about dressing up like a woman...)
poetry- 2nd year (last year i placed a few times with it on wussy boy...)
expos- 3rd year (recycling this year, yay for recycling! ha. some winnie the pooh thing last year with personalities... it was stupid)
pfd- 2nd year (broke once)
congress (no more congress... i hated it)
duo interp- first year
oratory- first year

and that's about it... ya i'm lame, but oh well.
» i guess i like trends too?
i'm zach cook. i graduated from desert vista in 2005 and now currently attend . i work at the room store.

uh in speech i did LD, PFD, impromptu, extemp, and congress. one time i almost took a duo act to state. didn't happen.

went to nationals last year in congress. possibly the most mind-numbingly boring experince i ever had in my entire life. but uh the rest of the trip was fun. LD i got 3rd at state and tied for 6th at ASU. greatest experince was quarters at harvard, even though it was JV. although the silver bowl i got is really not looking great b/c of the fact that i don't clean it. state was the most fun though, because for some reason i love brophy prepatory academy and generally people who go there.

now i judge, but only occasionally. currently I am, however, for hire. so if any of you kids need some one to edjudicate LD or speech rounds i'm here.

list of accomplishments--i like to brag--shoot me, i've caught enough shit in my life to be able to talk some

2nd place red mountain novice (yay...great times--not)
3rd place ASU novice (i think the bitch i debated in semis had a bug up her cooch)
quarterfinals MOUNTAIN VIEW NOVICE (best tournament EVER)
3rd place central varsity (04)
t-5th place harvard JV
quarterfinals red mountain varsity (the tournament where i won my quarters round, but because the judge wrote down my name with another girl's school code, ken laslavic decided to give the girl the win-instead of asking the judge...i <3 awesome tabrooms)
quarters gilbert varsity
3rd place 5A state
triple octofinalist yale national debate invitational varsity
quarterfinalist ASU varsity

nominated at central in 04
1st place red mountain 05
1st place dobson 05
2nd place winter trophy 05-oh my how i love poorly performed jokes about asians
nominated gilbert--6th place--could have been because i called some girl a dumb bitch after a terrible speech
1st place 5a state
1st place nat quals
PO at nationals--4 hours of the most mind numbingly boring speeches i've ever heard in my entire life--think sitting through 2 hours of congress is hard? trying 16 hours over two days. i think i called like 5 cigarette breaks while i was PO'ing.

oh and one time i did make it past the 2nd round in dx at nat quals. proudest moment of my extemp career...lol
» um, trendfollower?
Nicolette, a senior at Dobson High.

I've done speech and debate since my sophomore year (Dobson is grades 10-12), and my main focus is platform events.

A laundry list of events I've done (roughly in the order I started doing them):
-duo acting

And I was involved with the one act my sophomore year, but that was as assistant director, so I guess it doesn't really count.
[Asterisks indicate events that will be my main focus this year, though I'm not limited to only those. I love trying new events so I can better understand what goes into them. Often I find that branching out into seemingly unrelated events often helps me in my main events.]

I'm really glad this community is alive again.
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